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Name Hello Neighbor
First Version 15 June 2018
Exploitation PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Series S
Processor Intel Core i3-2120
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GT 610
Storage 1 GB space available
Genre Action


Video games and mobile games are spreading their wings around the world as the gaming world expands day by day. Every day new exciting games are created for the players, and they get more and more pleasure from them.

Among Us | Download and Play Online for PC Now
Among Us

Lots of games to develop your brain, memory, and many other skills. Video games are also very effective in reducing stress and helping people avoid stress in this stressful life. We have one of those games that help people relieve stress.

Among us is a multiplayer reasoning game released in 2018 and gaining popularity in recent years. Play in groups, and games can be played with your friends online using voice chat. The game became so popular that the developers began to invest in improving the game.

Among Us about

There is a multiplayer recreation amongst us. The recreation changed into launched in June 2018. Among us, the American recreation studio Inner sloth is growing and publishing.

The recreation changed into launched on Android and iOS gadgets, after which launched on Windows in November 2018 with cross-platform games. Between These Platforms In December 2020, Among Us changed into additionally ported to Nintendo Switch.

Plane Among Us is due out this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X / S series. Although the game gained widespread attention after its release in 2018, it gained huge popularity in 2020 after it was streamed on YouTube. And Twitch.

However, the credit for its rise in popularity is attributed to the COVID pandemic. Among us, it has received rave reviews from critics and is praised for its gameplay and features.

A sequel to Among Us was announced in August 2020 but was later canceled, and the team decided to focus on improving the original game. The game is inspired by the game "Mafia" and the horror movie The Thing.

The idea for the game Among Us originated in the head of Inner sloth co-founder Marcus Bromander. As a child, Marcus played crowd science and introduced him to the concept of "Among Us".


As noted above, there is a multiplayer game among us. The game can participate from four to fifteen players. The creators of the room randomly select impostors from 1 to 3. If the number of impostors increases, the game gets harder.

To fulfill their task, impostors will work with them to prove their innocence and be saved by proving that they are not impostors. The impostor must also destroy other players and kill them all.

In the game, the player is randomly selected as a simulator or crew member. If the player is a member of the team, he must complete his mission and help others catch the impostors without being killed by them.

As impostors, they have to do more things like a shipwreck and kill the crew to avoid being caught. Impostors can see in the dark; they can also move along ducts. The game ends with four possible endings.

That is: the team wins if all the tasks assigned to the participants have been completed by them and if the team can catch all the impostors and throw them off the ship.

The game is over, and the impostors win if they kill everyone in the group. .crew. Or if they are constantly being destroyed.

Among Us Features

The game offers players many features, namely:

Imposters - Killing innocent people, creating chaos are the actions of impostors, they also sabotage the team and kidnap innocent passers-by, they try to take over the entire ship, killing the ship's crew, although there are few of them compared to other members of the ship. The ship is stronger and there is still work to be done.

Customization - Players can customize the look of their game, for example, if they want to add crew members or impostors, they can do that, or they can even customize their mission.

Reduce the visibility of the impostors, and players can make other changes. Payers can also choose the character's clothing and the color of his clothing. Very few games offer customization features, and ours is one of them.

Cross-platform play - Cross-platform gaming is rare in video games and allows Android players to play with PlayStation 4 consoles.

Download Among Us Full Version for PC

One of the most popular games among us today, if you are interested in playing, I hope the guide helped you, download it now through the link below.


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